Water Pump and Pulley Install

Water Pump and Pulley Install Time: 2 hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, gasket scraper, long screwdriver or pry bar Cost: approximately $50-$150 for the pump, $25-$50 for the pulley Tinware: new performance water pump and gaskets (supplied), deep-groove water pump pulley (optional). Tip: never reuse old coolant. Over time it can chemically breakdown […]

Fuel Tank Install

Note – our project car here is a 1969 Chevelle. For your convenience, we’ve listed the part numbers. You can easily look up your specific year Chevelle or El Camino’s part numbers at http://www.ecklerschevelle.com/ This is our “before” shot– ugly, smelly, drastically in need of improvements! Let’s get at it… Although you could probably accomplish […]

Bodywork: Filling And Sanding

Bodywork: Filling And Sanding Time: varies depending on the size and extent of the damaged area or area that needs modification Tools: block sander, grinder, air compressor (recommended) ball peen hammer (optional) Cost: supplies typically run about $100 for filler, sandpaper, and miscellaneous items listed in “Tinware” Tinware: filler and hardener, sandpaper (36, 80, 150, […]

Under Hood Restoration

If you’re content with a clean looking daily driver, or if you display your car at shows but leave the hood shut, there’s probably no need for you to tackle this project. After all, who sees the underside of your hood? However, if you’re proud of all that effort you’ve put into detailing out your […]

Dual Exhaust Installation

This 1969 Chevelle Malibu has certainly seen better days. With the 350 cube, 2-bbl. V8, this car originally came with a single exhaust system. Passable (but just barely) performance wasn’t good enough, so we elected to install a full dual exhaust system. This would not only help the engine breath easier, it was give us […]

Inner Door Tune-up

Replace your window regulator and door latch assembly Time: Approximately 3 hours Tools: Phillips screwdriver, impact driver (optional), hammer, socket wrenches, open-ended wrenches, window crank removal tool, white lithium grease, flashlight and small inspection mirror, window crank removal tool Cost: Window regulator assemblies approximately $100 each, door latch assemblies approximately $100 each Tinware: Window regulator […]

Molding Painting Tips

How to: Removal and refinishing painted moldings Tools you’ll need: Will vary depending on parts. Typically, a screwdriver or socket set will do the trick. Tinware you’ll need: Spray paint, masking tape, fine grits wet sandpaper (800, 1000 grits) Face it. If you drive an old car on a semi-regular basis, you are bound to […]

Differential Housing and Gear Set

Inspection of differential housing and gear set Tools Needed: Standard socket set, flat-blade screwdriver, hammer or mallet. Tinware Needed: New gear oil, clean rags, a container to collect the old oil, and a new differential cover gasket. In this relatively brief “You Can Do It”, we’re going to cover how to inspect your car’s differential […]

Installing a Rear Sway Bar

Installing a rear sway bar Time: 1 hour Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches Cost: $175-200 Tinware: rear sway bar, sway bar mounting kit (includes bolts, washers, and necessary spacers) Tip: Always be patient and take your time when measuring pieces for drilling. The correctly achieved results are well worth the extra steps. Performance gains: […]

Installing A High Performance Front Sway Bar

Time: 1 hour (approximately) Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches Cost: approximately $175-200 Tinware: front sway bar, new sway bar bushings, new sway bar end links (recommended), lubrication grease Tip: Before removing anything from the car, take note of the sequence of the bushings in relation to the lower control arm and the sway bar. […]